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Wedding Procrastination

I'm not going to lie - my default mode is being a procrastinator.  It's hard to feel motivated for something when it seems so far away, right?  It's why I waited 5 weeks before my test the first time around to study. I've gotten better over the years, though.  You get burned enough to learn… Continue reading Wedding Procrastination

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A Quick-ish Hello

Hello friends! I just wanted to drop a quick note and say hi.  It's been really busy over here - I'm five days out from my test, work has finally started getting really hectic again, and we've been planning our wedding in between. I've logged 133.75 hours of studying for this Friday's exam.  I didn't… Continue reading A Quick-ish Hello

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Apparently “Wedding Planning Wednesday” is a Thing

I learned recently from the internet that "Wedding Planning Wednesday" is a thing.  I have to say I haven't done very much of it lately.  After being in the field for two weeks, I was hit with the "OH GOD MY TEST IS IN APRIL" freakout and have been studying for that (or, the nightly… Continue reading Apparently “Wedding Planning Wednesday” is a Thing