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Where I’ve Been

HELLO MY FRIENDS WE MEET UUUUUUGAIN! I nearly upgraded my site just so I could post that Creed video and you all could judge accordingly, but it's kind of pricey to upgrade so I'm just going to trust that you all click the link and shake your heads. So. How's it going? It's been over three… Continue reading Where I’ve Been

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Where I’ve Been: Field Work and Lots of Crochet

Good morning everyone! I apologize for my absence.  I was in the field for the past two weeks doing groundwater sampling.  This trip had the most wells I've ever had to sample (59!) but it actually one of my least stressful trips.  None of the equipment broke down, we stayed ahead of schedule for most of… Continue reading Where I’ve Been: Field Work and Lots of Crochet