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Pretty Things

Good morning friends! I can hardly believe it is already Wednesday, which means my test is a little over three weeks away. ::hyperventilates into paper bag:: Apollo has been a dependable study buddy, but as you can see, he's getting a little tired of it. As promised, here are some beautiful things I've been working… Continue reading Pretty Things

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Maker Crush – Hawthorne Handmade

This post is brought to you by another cup of coffee and a huge lack of motivation.  So while my brain remembers what it's like to function, let me show you the work of a wonderful artist I recently discovered. Hawthorn Handmade is an adorable Etsy shop out of the UK that makes the most… Continue reading Maker Crush – Hawthorne Handmade

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Weekend Makes – Mollie Makes Scandi Floral Hoop Kit

Happy Monday!  U.S. readers, are you adjusting to Daylight Savings Time?  I tried to keep a normal schedule yesterday, so I was able to wake up this morning without hating my life. This weekend was great! It was a very cozy, rainy weekend that allowed me to get caught up on household chores but most importantly,… Continue reading Weekend Makes – Mollie Makes Scandi Floral Hoop Kit

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The other day I was thinking that I hadn't posted my February makes.  I looked through my pictures and...realized I had only completed these: Now to be fair, I had been in the field for two weeks last month...but still! This is hardly anything.  It was a good reminder to me that staying focused on… Continue reading GUYS I RAN OUT OF YARN