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The other day I was thinking that I hadn't posted my February makes.  I looked through my pictures and...realized I had only completed these: Now to be fair, I had been in the field for two weeks last month...but still! This is hardly anything.  It was a good reminder to me that staying focused on… Continue reading GUYS I RAN OUT OF YARN

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Making Mistakes to Grow

One of my roles at work is being a safety rep.  For the next several months, I'm giving focus topic meetings on different aspects of being a safety rep since we have a lot of new safety reps in the area.  For my first focus topic yesterday, I decided to discuss the aspects I'd found… Continue reading Making Mistakes to Grow

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Craft Fails – Attempted Crochet Shrug

I don't know about you, but I have a revolving door of works-in-progress.  Sometimes I get very excited about a project and finish it right away.  Other times I put it down to work on another project and will finish it later.  Other times I will get halfway through a project, set it down, and… Continue reading Craft Fails – Attempted Crochet Shrug