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Pretty Spring Things

Pink things.png

I don’t care if the Groundhog saw his shadow, Spring has already been making its way to Texas.*  We’ve been getting weather in the 80s (yes, the 80s).  We’ve been having more sunny days than dreary ones, and it’s been getting darker just a little bit later every day.  During the past several weeks, I’ve been making some beautiful crafty spring-inspired purchases.  A lot of it is probably attributable to what Fiancé and I call “all the things mode,” based off the wonderful Hyperbole and a Half comic.   But I like acquiring pretty things to get me in the mood for spring.

Stitch Lab had a closing sale (sob), and I was able to buy some pretty fabrics using the gift certificate Fiancé had gotten me for my birthday last year.


I bought a book called Hoop-La! at Stitch Lab, along with the newest issues of Flow and Womankind.


I bought some pretty watercolors and watercolor crayons.



And some pretty paper.


I can’t wait to create something using these pretty tools.  How are you getting inspired by spring?

*That sentence originally read “I don’t care what the Groundhog said.”  You can tell I am writing this while drinking my morning coffee.

One thought on “Pretty Spring Things

  1. Hi Jen the groungdog was definitely wrong as here in pa we are experiencing an early spring as well and I love it! I like you am inspired by the good weather and feel a tread of creativeness Starting to take shape,I love your projects and can’t wait to see where your inspiration takes you! Tvttb😘❤

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